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The complete organ sonatas of August Ritter. (2016)
Digital Artefact
Harris, M. (2016). The complete organ sonatas of August Ritter. [Audio CD]

CD recording - Priory CD PRCD1162 - of the complete organ sonatas of August Gottfried Ritter (1811-1885) recorded on the Ladegast organ of the Kirche Altleisnig, Polditz, Germany

Organ Recital Mainzer Dom. (2012)
Exhibition / Performance
Harris, M. (2012). Organ Recital Mainzer Dom. Performed at Mainz, germany. 4 August 2012 - 4 August 2012. (Unpublished)

Concert performance in 2012 Internationaler Orgelsommer 4 August 2012. Showcase of British music from 19th and 20th centuries. Weitz Fanfare and Gothic March; Handel Organ Concerto Op 4 No 5; W.T.Best Sonata in G; Francis Jackson Toccata, Chorale... Read More about Organ Recital Mainzer Dom..

EMG (2012)
Hails, J. (2012). EMG. [Musical score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

Work for solo piano requested and first performed by Nicholas Ashton. This work samples vertical chord structures from an earlier piece for piano (EVEN MORE GEESE), which itself was derived from an ensemble piece (More Geese). These samples are pre... Read More about EMG.

Great European Organs No 75. (2008)
Digital Artefact
Harris, M. (2007). Great European Organs No 75

Michael Harris plays the organ of St Peter's Church, Wandersleben, Germany. This disc, issued by Priory Records, PRCD 1001, explores repertory from the early years of Bach’s life and music of composers from his cultural hinterland. Recorded in Germa... Read More about Great European Organs No 75..

Variations for Two Pianos by David Thomas Duncan (2008)
Exhibition / Performance
Duncan, D. T. (2008). Variations for Two Pianos by David Thomas Duncan. Performed at Glasgow, Scotland. 30 November 2008 - 30 November 2008. (Unpublished)

Premiere of the work at the University of Glasgow Sound Thought Contemporary Music Event 2008

Towards the water’s edge. (2006)
Davismoon, S. (2006). Towards the water’s edge.

This is an electroacoustic sound-installation work over 16 channels which forms a pyramid-like structure to surround the audience. There are many examples in the electroacoustic repertoire that take natural elements as the focal point for a work,... Read More about Towards the water’s edge..

Moon Palace I (2006)
Burton, K. (2006). Moon Palace I. [PDF score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

Moon Palace I takes its title from the novel “Moon Palace” by Paul Auster and is loosely influenced by the following quotation from the novel: "I had jumped off the edge, and then, at the very last moment, something reached out and caught me in... Read More about Moon Palace I.

High. (2006)
Digital Artefact
Malcolm, C. (2006). High

Moon Palace II (2005)
Burton, K. (2005). Moon Palace II. [PDF SScore]. Paris, France

Selected for performance at the New Music Weekend for Piano, Frederic Chopin Conservatoire, Paris. Premiered by Quentin Meurisse on 4th February 2012.

De contemplationis digitis. (2003)
Hails, J. (2003). De contemplationis digitis. Cheltenham, UK

In this piece, my research aim was to develop the contrary relationship of the flute (blown, sustained sound) to piano (struck, decaying sound) in the context of a playful formal scheme relating text and music. Initial conversation with the flauti... Read More about De contemplationis digitis..

Cantus 1. (2002)
Hails, J. (2002). Cantus 1. London, UK

The objective in writing Cantus 1 was to produce a very controlled piece of violin writing using a limited number of pitches, while the piano plays a very passive role, quietly keeping time with chords echoing the violin's harmonies. The soundworld w... Read More about Cantus 1..

Der Heimat zu. (2001)
Hails, J. (2001). Der Heimat zu. Cheltenham, UK

This piano piece is written using a floating, non-functional tonal language that recalls the other composers featured in the programme, while remaining recognisably modern. It also conveys a sense of 'broken time', of scrambled perception and of a fi... Read More about Der Heimat zu..