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DUO1 (2011)
Hails, J. (2011). DUO1. [Musical score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

DUO1 is a work for two bass clarinets. It was requested and first performed by Sarah Watts and Heather Roche. This work forms part of a series of works exploring different ways of notating (and thereby making) chamber music. Initial research for t... Read More about DUO1.

Sohal’s String Quartet No.2 (2006)
Exhibition / Performance
Burrin, P., Bailey, M., Beeston, M., & Mutter, C. (2006). Sohal’s String Quartet No.2. 25 July 2006 - 25 July 2006. (Unpublished)

No abstract available.

“Floating sculptures”. (2006)
Burton, K. (2006). “Floating sculptures”. [Score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

The composer's compositional research explores the relationship between music and the visual arts, including photography, architecture and sculpture. "Floating sculptures" was composed as a response to the photographic panoramic collage, "Price at th... Read More about “Floating sculptures”..

The Cold Dancer. (2005)
Dempster, K. (2004). The Cold Dancer

The work’s starting-point and source of inspiration is the poem, A Reel of Seven Fishermen by the Orcadian poet, George Mackay Brown and the music is structured closely around the form and ideas found in the poem. In the early stages of the work, the... Read More about The Cold Dancer..

Organ Concert 23 September 2005. (2005)
Exhibition / Performance
Harris, M. (2005). Organ Concert 23 September 2005. Performed at Ediburgh, Scotland. 23 September 2005 - 23 September 2015

McEwan’s Fantasy Quintet. (2005)
Exhibition / Performance
Beeston, M., Bailey, M., Burrin, P., & Mutter, C. (2005). McEwan’s Fantasy Quintet. 17 March 2005 - 17 March 2005. (Unpublished)

Peer Gynt. (2004)
Dempster, K. (2004). Peer Gynt

De contemplationis digitis. (2003)
Hails, J. (2003). De contemplationis digitis. Cheltenham, UK

In this piece, my research aim was to develop the contrary relationship of the flute (blown, sustained sound) to piano (struck, decaying sound) in the context of a playful formal scheme relating text and music. Initial conversation with the flauti... Read More about De contemplationis digitis..

Cantus 1. (2002)
Hails, J. (2002). Cantus 1. London, UK

The objective in writing Cantus 1 was to produce a very controlled piece of violin writing using a limited number of pitches, while the piano plays a very passive role, quietly keeping time with chords echoing the violin's harmonies. The soundworld w... Read More about Cantus 1..

Seven fans for Alma Mahler. (2002)
Dempster, K. (2002). Seven fans for Alma Mahler

"Seven Fans for Alma Mahler" is based on the tumultuous love affair between Oskar Kokoschka and Gustav Mahler's widow, and on the seven beautiful fans he painted for her throughout their three-year liaison (1912-1915). The work is structured closely... Read More about Seven fans for Alma Mahler..

Kenneth Leighton, Quartets 1 & 2, Seven Variations for String Quartet op. 43. (2002)
Digital Artefact
Burrin, P., Bailey, M., Beeston, M., & Stanzeleit, S. (2002). Kenneth Leighton, Quartets 1 & 2, Seven Variations for String Quartet op. 43

Edinburgh Quartet play the quartet works of the highly respected Kenneth Leighton. "Their infinite ability to sustain and constantly to change colour make them a perfect vehicle for the long, gradually expanding lines which are so fundamental to Lei... Read More about Kenneth Leighton, Quartets 1 & 2, Seven Variations for String Quartet op. 43..

Chaconne: in memoriam Colin O'Riordan. (2002)
Exhibition / Performance
Ashton, N. (2002). Chaconne: in memoriam Colin O'Riordan. Performed at Edinburgh. 5 February 2002 - 5 February 2002. (Unpublished)

No abstract available.

Scottish string quartets. (2001)
Digital Artefact
Burrin, P., Bailey, M., Beaston, M., & Stanzeleit, S. (2001). Scottish string quartets

Landmark recording bringing together the works of four Scottish composers, Kelly (Kellie), Mackenzie, McEwan, and Wilson, representing the Classical, Romantic, and Impressionist periods respectively. This is also the first recording of any of them, a... Read More about Scottish string quartets..

Pied Beauty.
Hails, J. (2014). Pied Beauty. [Musical score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

Composition for soprano and two scordatura violas (alternatively, for soprano and stereo fixed media playback)