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Biography Mandy trained as Registered Mental Nurse and Registered General Nurse and has worked in a variety of clinical settings including; neuromedicine, neurosurgery and clinical research in an Regional Infectious Disease Unit.

Mandy worked as a Senior Nurse in the Leadership in Compassionate Care Programme, a three year collaborative action research project focusing on identifying relationship-centred, compassionate care provision and education across healthcare and Higher Education.

Mandy currently works as a nurse lecturer in the School of Health & Social Care
Research Interests Research is focused on the pedagogical element and working collaboratively with students to enhance their learning and teaching experience using practice development tools to hear and value student feedback.

Mandy has worked on a number of different projects with service providers on a national level focused on enhancing the delivery of relationship-centred compassionate care within contemporary healthcare.
Teaching and Learning Relationship–Centred Compassionate Care and in particular the development of leadership skills and compassionate organisations and cultures that support the provision of safe and effective healthcare.

Sustainability in Healthcare and the promotions of SQI initiatives.

Programme Leader for Healthcare Management programme which is the largest TPG programme in the SHSC.

Educational Pedagogy.

Previous involvement in the promotion of student mobility opportunities with the aim of enhancing the student learning experience.