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Biography Dr Ana Paula is a Lecturer in Strategy and Sustainability and Programme Lead MBA Strategic Project Management and MBA Engineering Management and Subject lead Employability Skills Programme- responsible for the overall curriculum design, coherence, delivery, planning evaluation and enhancement of the academic programme, and personalised student experience. Coordinate, manage and communicate the school strategy and programme delivery with module leaders to ensure effective coordination. Connect with associated professional bodies, employers, and alumni to build an external reputation and promote extra-curricular activities. Responsible for the pastoral care of staff and students within the programme.
Lecturer in Strategy and Sustainability. Responsible for designing business modules and assessments based on work-based learning for graduate apprentices and as a subject lead of the SCQF levels 7 and 8 and teaching SCQF levels 9 and 10. Research interests include Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, sustainable development goals, business ethics, social capital theory, project management, family business, systems thinking and action research. Upon completing undergraduate studies in the Technology of Managerial Process at the University of Castelo Branco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ana Paula worked in large organisations such as the pharmaceutical industry and a private bank. She started two small enterprises in Brasilia and Porto Alegre, Brazil. She also has participated and collaborated in many areas at the university level and local communities. External impact, as a co-investigator of two research projects funded by the UK Government. Working with 20 SMEs to empower and embrace United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a Post-Covid 19 Scotland. Secondly, working with 20 housing and constructions organisations to upskill and support the transition to a net-zero economy and accelerate action to SDGs. Member at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals - Chair of Young professionals, AMED Networks, ISBE, and BAM. She has also published papers in CSR and Sustainability and present abstracts, poster presentations, July/21. Additionally, she received recognition of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning in HEA (PgCertTLHE, FHEA).
Research Interests Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainable Development (concept, social science perspective)
Systems based approach
Action Research
Family Business
Teaching and Learning Fellow of Higher Education Academy