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Post Nominals BSc (Hons), Ph.D. SFHEA C.Sci Teach
Biography Dr Janis MacCallum (she/her) SFHEA CSci Teach is a lecturer in the School of Applied Sciences. She is currently a Programme Leader for the Bio-molecular suite of programmes and Employability Lead within the School.

Janis graduated from Glasgow University with an honours degree in Immunology and went on to undertake her Ph.D. in Immunology at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, working on the use of biosensor devices for the detection of bacterial infections, in conjunction with Amersham International.

In 1991 she moved to Edinburgh to start the first of three post-doctoral positions based at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, working on growth factor expression, and tamoxifen levels in breast cancers with Mr Mike Dixon and Dr Bill Miller.

She started working as a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University in 1999 and has latterly been a Programme Leader for the MSc Biomedical Sciences suite of programmes. She continues to carry out research on cancer, with interests in the toxicological effects of cancer pro-drugs, in collaboration with Dr David Mincher. She has also worked on projects around PCOS (Prof M.Rae) and the impact of Paraben use (Dr G.Russo) on tissues.

On the pedagogical side, Janis also leads the Skills Passport programme within the school, which has developed a tool to engage students with skills assessment and reflection on their personal progress. As an extension of this, Janis leads the Employability Task Force within the School, with responsibility for encouraging links to industry and working to build good practice around employability within the various areas of the School. This necessitates close engagement with programmes across the school and with employers across the sector.
Research Interests Role of growth factors (Transforming Growth Factor-Beta) in cancers.
Immunological effects of nematode N.brasiliensis on the lung. Effects of a phytoestrogen (peuraria mirifica) on breast cancer cells (expression of ER subtypes).
Changes in hormone receptor expression in placenta of a sheep model of PCOS.
Toxicological effects of cancer pro-drugs targeting endopeptidases, mitochondria and lysosomal compartments in solid cancers.
The toxicological effect of Parabens on human tissues.
Teaching and Learning Challenges in providing suitable feedback on assessment - comparisons of written, audio and face-face feedback.
The use of the Skills Passport tool in encouraging student reflection on graduate attributes.
Developmental mentoring within the workplace.
The importance of reflection as a tool for professional development.