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Physically Derived Sound Synthesis Model of a Propeller

Selfridge, Rod; Moffat, David; Reiss, Joshua


David Moffat

Joshua Reiss


A real-time sound synthesis model for propeller sounds is presented. Equations obtained from fluid dynamics and aerodynamics research are utilised to produce authentic propeller- powered aircraft sounds. The result is a physical model in which the geometries of the objects involved are used in sound synthesis calculations. The model operates in real-time making it ideal for integration within a game or virtual reality environment. Comparison with real propeller-powered aircraft sounds indicates that some aspects of real recordings are not replicated by our model. Listening tests suggest that our model performs as well as another synthesis method but is not as plausible as a real recording.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (Published)
Conference Name AM '17: Audio Mostly 2017
Start Date Aug 23, 2017
Online Publication Date Aug 23, 2017
Publication Date 2017-08
Deposit Date Jan 25, 2023
Publisher Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Book Title AM '17: Proceedings of the 12th International Audio Mostly Conference on Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Experiences
ISBN 9781450353731
Keywords Physical Model, Sound Synthesis, Real-Time