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The Revised Classification of Eukaryotes

Adl, Sina M.; Simpson, Alastair G. B.; Lane, Christopher E.; Luke�, Julius; Bass, David; Bowser, Samuel S.; Brown, Matthew W.; Burki, Fabien; Dunthorn, Micah; Hampl, Vladimir; Heiss, Aaron; Hoppenrath, Mona; Lara, Enrique; le Gall, Line; Lynn, Denis H.; McManus, Hilary; Mitchell, Edward A. D.; Mozley-Stanridge, Sharon E.; Parfrey, Laura W.; Pawlowski, Jan; Rueckert, Sonja; Shadwick, Laura; Schoch, Conrad L.; Smirnov, Alexey; Spiegel, Frederick W.


Sina M. Adl

Alastair G. B. Simpson

Christopher E. Lane

Julius Luke�

David Bass

Samuel S. Bowser

Matthew W. Brown

Fabien Burki

Micah Dunthorn

Vladimir Hampl

Aaron Heiss

Mona Hoppenrath

Enrique Lara

Line le Gall

Denis H. Lynn

Hilary McManus

Edward A. D. Mitchell

Sharon E. Mozley-Stanridge

Laura W. Parfrey

Jan Pawlowski

Laura Shadwick

Conrad L. Schoch

Alexey Smirnov

Frederick W. Spiegel


This revision of the classification of eukaryotes, which updates that of Adl et al. [J. Eukaryot. Microbiol. 52 (2005) 399], retains an emphasis on the protists and incorporates changes since 2005 that have resolved nodes and branches in phylogenetic trees. Whereas the previous revision was successful in re-introducing name stability to the classification, this revision provides a classification for lineages that were then still unresolved. The supergroups have withstood phylogenetic hypothesis testing with some modifications, but despite some progress, problematic nodes at the base of the eukaryotic tree still remain to be statistically resolved. Looking forward, subsequent transformations to our understanding of the diversity of life will be from the discovery of novel lineages in previously under-sampled areas and from environmental genomic information.

Journal Article Type Article
Online Publication Date Sep 28, 2012
Publication Date 2012-09
Deposit Date Sep 26, 2013
Print ISSN 1066-5234
Electronic ISSN 1550-7408
Publisher Wiley
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 59
Issue 5
Pages 429-514
Keywords Microbiology
Public URL
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