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Biography Zuansi Cai is an Environmental Modeller and a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College in energy storage. He is a recipient of The Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowship 2021/22. Prior to Edinburgh Napier University, Zuansi conducted research as a Research Associate/Fellow for three multi-million pound RCUK and EU research projects at University of Sheffield and Queens’ University Belfast. His research interests include Energy Storage, Renewable Energy and Intelligent Energy Systems, and Water Resources & Climate Change. His earlier research experience included solid waste technology, soil and groundwater remediation, flow and transport modelling as well as uncertainty quantification, Groundwater Risk Assessment of Fracking for Shale gas.
Zuansi's research is funded by The Royal Academy of Engineering, ETP, Horizon 2020, industries, etc. He has recently developed a new numerical simulator for large-scale hydrogen and gas-mixture storage in subsurface. The simulator (GPSFLOW) is capable of simulating non-isothermal, multi-phase and multi-component flow in subsurface storage reservoir for Hydrogen and compressed air energy storage as well as geothermal storage.