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Biography Chris is fascinated by complex problems, entrepreneurship, and innovation, and has applied his skills to real world problems such as responses to climate change, resilience in supply networks, strategic insight utilising big data, and also educational, entrepreneurship & employability requirements over the next twenty years.

He has advised universities in the UK and Europe on innovating teaching & learning, improving research impact, and enhancing commercialisation & knowledge transfer of research (having developed and sold two spinouts from his earlier research).

His current to interests are focusing on SME growth and innovation, especially in the development of new business and economic models including circular economy and technology enhanced innovation.

Before his move to Edinburgh Napier University, Chris developed and managed the initial research commercialisation service within the London School of Economics and Political Science, including co-authoring a successful £5 million funding bid. Government and international organisation consulting work includes improving responsible and technology enhanced entrepreneurship in developing nations, and developing low environmental/high social impact supply networks. Additionally, Chris’ applied research for venture capital firms builds upon industrial ecosystems thinking to enhance investment decision-making models. He also advises venture capital firms on new investment areas, on expertise development and recruitment, and works with startups to improve growth and social/environmental impact.
Research Interests Enterprise and New Ventures
Sustainable Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
New Business and Economic Models
Circular Economy
Digital Enterprise
Innovation Management
Research Commercialisation
Systems Thinking
Teaching and Learning Innovation
Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
Business Growth
Digital Enterprise
Sustainable Business and New Economic Models
Research Methodology