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Post Nominals Honorary Research Consultant in Chemotherapy NHS Lothian
Biography I have a strong reputation in oncology practice as a national and international clinical academic leader. Since 2015, I have held the prestigious position of Macmillan Associate Professor in Professional Practice at the School of Health and Social Care. In this role, I have been instrumental in advancing the field of oncology through my research, teaching, and consultancy work. I also hold an Honorary Research Nurse Consultant Role in Chemotherapy, further demonstrating my commitment to the field.

My strategic leadership roles in the School of Health and Social Care (SHSC), the Cancer Collaborative Theme, and as the Head of Learning and Teaching have not only allowed me to demonstrate my subject-expert and university leadership skills but have also significantly contributed to the growth and development of the university. These roles have been instrumental in advancing the field of oncology, inspiring others to follow suit.

External Professional Practice:
Through impactful professional practice events and effective communication of research results, I have played a key role in raising the university's profile. As the elected President of the UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS), I have led the organisation to new heights, with a membership of 10,000 and an annual conference attended by over 500 delegates. UKONS is a critical player in oncology nursing, with a yearly income of approximately £150,000 and support from 23 pharmaceutical companies, with ROCHE as the principal partner.
UKONS aims to inspire by providing knowledge exchange and initiating and developing educational resources and guidance for cancer nurses across the UK. The society has fifteen voluntary board members and sixty-six champions. There are eight specialist interest groups: Systemic Anti-Cancer Treatment (SACT), Acute Oncology, Haematology, Living with and Beyond, Research, Radiotherapy, Champions, Young and Early Career. UKONS is represented on other multi-professional societies boards: the UK Chemotherapy Board, the Acute Oncology Society, and the UK Supportive Cancer Care. All activity is communicated throughout web pages and fortnightly 'Breaking News'.
I have demonstrated a commitment to showcasing the university's excellence on a broader scale. As the organiser of the UK Oncology Nursing Society annual conferences and my track record of publishing in peer-reviewed national and international journals, I have edited and contributed to several book chapters and completed commissioned research evaluation reports.
I am on the international editorial board for the International Journal in Cancer Nursing and Seminar in Oncology Nursing. I have peer-reviewed for the International Journal of Cancer Nursing, Cancer Nursing Practice, the British Journal of Nursing, the Journal of Patient Experience, and Seminars in Oncology Nursing.
As a subject expert, I have been interviewed on practice issue editions and podcasts, such as Cancer Nursing Practice, the British Journal of Nursing, and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Research, Funding, and Consultancy:
I have secured £800K in competitive funding whilst at Edinburgh Napier University.
My strong record of collaborative practice research within cancer, transformational change programmes, workforce development, and personalised care has not only contributed to the advancement of these areas but has also had a significant impact on the field of oncology. My work has inspired others to follow suit and has led to the development of vital research and practice relationships regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Transformational Change Programmes:
In 2014, I was awarded an evaluation of the 'Transforming Cancer Care after Treatment Scotland Macmillan Programme. I led phase 2 (2016 -2018) Continuation of National Evaluation of TCAT: Ensuring and Enhancing the Evidence (TCAT) and Health Economic Evaluation Work Strand: Continuity and Quality.
I co-lead a further evaluation with Professor Snowden (2022-2024) of Transforming Cancer Care, 'Improving the Cancer Journey'. Our work continues to inform both Cancer Strategy in Scotland and the evaluation of transformational cancer care programmes, demonstrating the direct impact of our research on policy and practice.
My extensive portfolio of evaluating transformational change in cancer care across Scotland has had a profound impact on the healthcare landscape. By identifying critical areas for improvement and advising on implementing innovative solutions, I have significantly contributed to enhancing cancer care in the UK. This work is an integral part of the future of healthcare, inspiring optimism and confidence in the potential for positive change.

Workforce Development:
I lead a study (2022-2024) exploring the perception and experience of cancer nurses' potential occupational exposure to cytotoxic drugs. This research has led to local surface and air contamination studies, keynote sessions nationally and internationally, collaborations with medical device companies, and international networking with the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Future research includes university cross-school collaboration in health and wellbeing technology solutions and exploring the presentation of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Vicarious Trauma.

Personalised Care:
Since 2013, I have led a portfolio of Macmillan Cancer Support funding grants associated with developing and delivering a sustainable cancer education strategy for practitioners, caring for patients living with and beyond their cancer.
I gained my Clinical Doctorate in Nursing in 2020: The haemato-oncology patient experience of the palliative care process in the last year of life: A Constructivist grounded theory study. I am continuing to explore nationally and internationally patient-reported outcomes and advance care planning for haematology cancer patients.
I welcome Cancer Care PhD, Professional Doctorate, and external examining opportunities.

I was the first funded Macmillan Lecturer Practitioner in 2005, working between NHS Lothian and Edinburgh Napier University. I quickly became known nationally and internationally for my pioneering work in the development of accessible virtual education for haematology nursing (2008) and Supportive Care for those Living with and Beyond Cancer (2013).
During the pandemic, I utilised my knowledge and leadership skills to lead the Professional Development & Knowledge at Macmillan Cancer Support through a test of change. I successfully translated all face-to-face delivery into a virtual classroom, ensuring that our educational programs continued to reach a broad audience. Within three months, the virtual classrooms delivered fifteen topics to 1000 delegates by the end of 2020, a testament to our adaptability and commitment to providing high-quality education even in challenging times. These initiatives revolutionised the way we deliver education in these areas, making it more accessible and engaging for healthcare professionals and patients alike.
Research Interests Occupational Exposure to Cytotoxic Drugs
Patient Reported Outcome Measures
Holistic Needs Assessment
Sustainability of Cancer Services
Mental health , Health and overall wellbeing of cancer nurses
Advance Care Planning
Haematology Cancer Care
Care of the patient receiving Systemic Anti Cancer Treatment
Cancer Genomics
Teaching and Learning Teaching and Learning with mobile technologies, Blended and Online learning, work based learning, systematic and extended literature reviews.
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PhD Supervision Availability Yes
PhD Topics Palliative Care
Cancer Care
Realist Evaluation
Grounded Theory
Health and Wellbeing of the Cancer Nursing Workforce.
Systematic Anti Cancer Treatment
Digital Health Applications