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Dr Alpana Mair


Alpana Mair

Associate Professor

Post Nominals FFRPharmS, MRPharmS, MSc, PhD, IP
Biography Alpana is responsible for coordinating delivery of Governments work programme, advising Ministers on Quality, Prescribing, safety and effective use of medicines and is Associate Professor at ENU. She is the project coordinator of EU funded project iSIMPATHY and SIMPATHY. She is responsible for development of National Polypharmacy guidance, and quality prescribing guidelines, patient app and shared decision-making tools. Alpana leads work for WHO on Polypharmacy and an expert adviser for WHO on patient and medication safety. For International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC), she coordinates the Special Interest Group on Appropriate polypharmacy & Adherence and is EU coordinator for work on Active and Healthy Aging on polypharmacy and adherence to treatment. She is ,Honorary Clinical Fellow, Edinburgh University and affiliate of the Usher institute. She was previously the Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Scotland
Research Interests Polypharmacy, Patient and Medication Safety, Adherence, Prescribing practice, Clinical Pharmacy Practice, Change management , Implementation Science
Teaching and Learning Clinical Pharmacy Practice, Prescribing Practice, Polypharmacy, Antimicrobial use, Prescribing & Medication safety indicators and Governance