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Dr Liz Adamson

Research Interests Research interests include
Clinical Practice: compassionate care, patient self-management
Liz is leading a multi disciplinary Medical Technologies Programme of development (SOLUTION) where product design, engineering and health come together to find practical solutions to healthcare problems.
Educational: global citizenship, learning through simulated practice, assessment and feedback, compassionate craftsmanship
Teaching and Learning Liz leads a degree conversion programme offered globally to registered nurses. She contributes to under graduate and post graduate education including support for academics undertaking PG Cert in Learning and Teaching. Liz is interested in teaching nursing using simulated practice and the development of compassionate craftsmanship. She contribute to the BSc conversion to degree programme for nurses within Singapore and led the overall programme from 2010-2012. Liz also led an innovative project to embed compassionate care within the curriculum Leadership in Compassionate Care Programme.