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Biography I completed my bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University. During this time, I developed a strong interest in Geotechnics. Subsequently, I completed my PhD, studying particle size distribution (PSD) effects and inherent variability in the random specimen generation procedure in the discrete element method (DEM) and their respective impacts on soil behavior.

I specialize in assessing PSDs of granular materials using grading entropy coordinates and the internal stability criteria associated with the method. I am particularly interested in soil fabric effects resulting from PSD. My other research interests include:

• Liquefaction susceptibility
• Particle breakage in soils
• Ground remediation techniques
• Force chain buckling mechanisms

I have a strong interest in both teaching and science communication and am currently employed as a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier university. I am always interested in working on projects that demonstrate science and engineering to new audiences.
Research Interests Soil Mechanics
Discrete Element Method
Soil Liquefaction
Particle size distribution
Ground remediation techniques
Grading entropy
Soil fabric effects
Teaching and Learning Contaminant Pathways & Remedation Techniques
ResearcherID 40012384