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Stereohaptics: a haptic interaction toolkit for tangible virtual experiences

Israr, Ali; Zhao, Siyan; McIntosh, Kyna; Schwemler, Zachary; Fritz, Adam; Mars, John; Bedford, Job; Frisson, Christian; Huerta, Ivan; Kosek, Maggie; Koniaris, Babis; Mitchell, Kenny


Ali Israr

Siyan Zhao

Kyna McIntosh

Zachary Schwemler

Adam Fritz

John Mars

Job Bedford

Christian Frisson

Ivan Huerta

Maggie Kosek


With a recent rise in the availability of affordable head mounted gear sets, various sensory stimulations (e.g., visual, auditory and haptics) are integrated to provide seamlessly embodied virtual experience in areas such as education, entertainment, therapy and social interactions. Currently, there is an abundance of available toolkits and application programming interfaces (APIs) for generating the visual and audio content. However, such richness in hardware technologies and software tools is missing in designing haptic experiences. Current solutions to integrate haptic effects are limited due to: i) a user's rigid adaptation to new hardware and software technologies, ii) limited scalability of the existing tools to incorporate haptic hardware and applications, iii) inflexible authoring capabilities, iv) missing infrastructure for storing, playback and distribution, and v) and unreliable hardware for long term usage.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (Published)
Conference Name ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Studio on - SIGGRAPH '16
Start Date Jul 24, 2016
End Date Jul 27, 2016
Acceptance Date Mar 24, 2016
Online Publication Date Jul 24, 2016
Publication Date Jul 24, 2016
Deposit Date Dec 12, 2017
Publicly Available Date Dec 14, 2017
Publisher Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Book Title SIGGRAPH '16: ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Studio
ISBN 9781450343732
Keywords Virtual experience, sensory stimulation, toolkits, apps,
Public URL
Contract Date Dec 12, 2017


Stereohaptics: a haptic interaction toolkit for tangible virtual experiences (2.5 Mb)

Copyright Statement
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