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Computational Singular Perturbation Method and Tangential Stretching Rate Analysis of Large Scale Simulations of Reactive Flows: Feature Tracking, Time Scale Characterization, and Cause/Effect Identification. Part 1, Basic Concepts

Valorani, M.; Creta, F.; Ciottoli, P. P.; Malpica Galassi, R.; Goussis, D. A.; Najm, H. N.; Paolucci, S.; Im, H. G.; Tingas, E.-A.; Manias, D. M.; Parente, A.; Li, Z.; Grenga, T.


M. Valorani

F. Creta

P. P. Ciottoli

R. Malpica Galassi

D. A. Goussis

H. N. Najm

S. Paolucci

H. G. Im

D. M. Manias

A. Parente

Z. Li

T. Grenga


Heinz Pitsch

Antonio Attili


This chapter provides a review of the basic ideas at the core of the Computational Singular Perturbation (CSP) method and the Tangential Stretching Rate (TSR) analysis. It includes a coherent summary of the theoretical foundations of these two methodologies while emphasizing their mutual interconnections. The main theoretical findings are presented in a systematic fashion. Their virtues and limitations will be discussed with reference to auto-ignition systems, laminar and turbulent premixed flames, and non-premixed jet flames. The material presented in the chapter constitutes an effective guideline for further studies.

Online Publication Date May 29, 2020
Publication Date 2020
Deposit Date Jun 26, 2020
Publisher Springer
Pages 43-64
Book Title Data Analysis for Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Combustion
ISBN 9783030447175
Public URL