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Disseminating learning.

Wigan, Marcus; Legacy, Crystal


Marcus Wigan

Crystal Legacy


Nicholas Low


Central to achieving sustainable transport are the processes of dissemination of learning and engagement with the public necessary to generate the motive force to transform transport. Dissemination has usually been considered to be a task undertaken at the end of a project, and to be one where materials, usually printed, are made available some time after the completion of the projects involved. This model of dissemination was deemed to be insufficient for the GAMUT initiative, which included both the classical dissemination methods and a more active and engaging process contemporaneous with research, with fewer barriers to access the broader knowledge gained. This chapter addresses the theoretical and practical aspects of dissemination processes as an intrinsic part of the development and execution of the GAMUT project.

Publication Date 2012
Deposit Date Jul 17, 2013
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Book Title Transforming urban transport: the ethics, politics and practices of sustainable mobility.
ISBN 978-0-415-52903-7
Keywords Sustainable transport; GAMUT; public engagement; knowledge dissemination;
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