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Thermochromic dyes and sunlight activating systems - An alternative means to induce colour change.

Ledendal, Marie; Christie, Robert M; Vettese-Forster, Samantha


Marie Ledendal

Robert M Christie


The general purpose of this work is to investigate the potential of a mobile phone to capture soil colour images and process them, returning the corresponding Munsell colour coordi- nates from the digital RGB captured images, and also estimate the tristimulus values from the same images. A mobile phone HTC Desire HD, which runs Android 2.2, has been used to take and process images of a Munsell Soil Colour Chart under fixed illumination conditions. To obtain tristimulus values of each sample a Konica Minolta CS2000d spectroradiometer has been used under the same conditions. Penrose’s pseudoinverse method has been used to compute relationship between RGB coordinates from digital images and tristimulus values. Once the model has been computed it was implemented in the mobile phone. Results of this calibration show that more than 90% of the samples used in the calibration (238 chips) were measured by our mobile phone application with accuracy below 2.03 CIELAB units and a mean correlation coefficient equal to 0.9972. In case of Munsell models mean correlation coefficient is equal to 0.9407. This points to the idea that a conventional mobile device can be used to determine the colour of a soil under controlled illumination conditions.

Conference Name AIC Colour 2013 ’Bringing Colour to Life’ Congress,
Start Date Jul 8, 2013
End Date Jul 12, 2013
Acceptance Date Sep 9, 1999
Publication Date 2013-07
Deposit Date May 29, 2016
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords Thermochromic leuco dyes; colour change; thermochromic textiles; sunlight; colour change;
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