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Reference Methods for Managing the Risk of Eng Nanoparticles (MARINA)

People Involved

Project Description

The aim of MARINA is to develop and validate the Risk Management Methods for Nanomaterials.

To do this, MARINA will address the four central themes for the Risk Assessment and Management of Nanomaterials: Materials, Exposure, Hazard, and Risk. In MARINA we will develop beyond state-of-the-art referential tools from each of these themes and integrate them into a Risk Management Toolbox and Strategy for both human and environmental health.

There is a need to evaluate and develop specific reference methods for all the fundamental steps in managing the potential risk of ENM. The methods must be integrated in an overarching, coherent strategy for regulators and industry to adapt them. Thus, a safe and environmentally responsible nanotechnology will safeguard current and future global investments and will be the key to the sustainability of this industry.

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) European Commission
Value £87,120.00
Project Dates Nov 1, 2011 - Nov 30, 2015

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