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Dr Arthur Bossi

Biography Dr Arthur Bossi is a Consultant for the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland, an organisation that provides consultancy and research to the cycling industry.

Since 2010, Arthur has been involved with a variety of cycling-related activities, from coaching elite mountain bikers to conducting research projects and leading research teams in different countries. Arthur’s expertise lies in endurance exercise performance and endurance training. By spending countless hours in the laboratory, testing and training cyclists of all performance levels, Arthur has developed a deep understanding of the factors affecting the rider-bicycle interaction and the physiological determinants of performance.

Arthur's publications in peer-reviewed journals have attracted a large audience, with his article "Optimizing interval training through power-output variation within the work intervals" reaching more than 10.000 accesses on Research Gate. Arthur's research has also been featured in popular media outlets such as PezCycling News and Canadian Running Magazine.

More recently, Arthur worked for the NHS as the senior exercise physiologist of a prehabilitation service; testing, training, and supporting cancer patients either face-to-face or remotely. With more than 100 cancer patients under his belt, Arthur’s work has contributed to permanently changing the lifestyle of many patients, some of whom have even taken up cycling as a hobby.

At the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland, Arthur has the opportunity to use his knowledge and experience to provide the cycling industry with innovative insights into product development and impart academic knowledge, ultimately contributing to the socioeconomic impact of mountain biking in Scotland.
Research Interests Endurance Training Prescription
Adaptive Variability
Endurance Performance
Mountain Bike Racing
ResearcherID H-5627-2019