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Biography Shane joined Edinburgh Napier University as a Lecturer in Criminology in August 2019. Shane is currently the program leader for the BSc in Policing and Criminology, and teach on the topics of; policing and security, cybercrime and cybersecurity, criminological theory, online research methods, criminal justice, and surveillance.

Shane is an affiliate of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research and the Scottish Institute of Policing Research, and also convenes the School of Applied Science Research integrity Committee.

Shane research interests include the the sociological study of cybercrime and cybersecurity, and police responses. In particular, their work has explored how people and organisations make sense of cybercrime and enact cybersecurity behaviours and policies in their routine everyday lives and operations. Shane is in interested in further developing criminological and sociological perspectives on cybersecurity, the policing of cybercrime, and novel ways ICT is deployed in the governance of security.

Shane is currently accepting doctoral candidates whose research relates to cybercrime and online harm, the sociological dimensions of cybersecurity and privacy, and the impact of new technologies on crime, policing, and criminal justice.
Research Interests - The sociological study of cybercrime
- Hacking and criminalisation
- Resisting online surveillance
- Cybersecurity awareness
- Privacy and everyday security practices
Teaching and Learning SCC09119 Understanding Cybercrime
SSC08109 Policing in Contemporary Society
SSC10115 Preparation for Honours Projects
SSC11111 Current Topics in Crime