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Dr Taulant Guma

Biography I joined Edinburgh Napier University in January 2019 as a Lecturer in Human Geography. Previously, I held the position of WISERD Post-doctoral Research Associate at Aberystwyth University for three years. My postdoctoral research engaged with geographical approaches to place and belonging to analyse migrants' participation in civil society in Wales and the changing nature of citizens' activism in a globalised world. Prior to that, in 2015, I was a visiting research fellow at the Institute of Globalization and Multicultural Studies at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea, where I conducted a small research project exploring the nexus of migration and civil society in a non-Western context.

Currently, I am PI on the ESRC-funded project: Investigating the use of temporary accommodation to house asylum seekers and refugees during the Covid-19 outbreak. This is a 14 months study exploring the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on asylum seekers and refugees living in Glasgow . The project focuses on those individuals placed in temporary accommodations such as hostels and hotels, using Glasgow as a base for the project as the local authority with the most dispersed asylum seekers in the UK. Adopting digital ethnographic methods, the project is co-designed and co-produced with grassroots migrant organisations and aims to influence government policies and practices and raise awareness about the issues and challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees living in the UK.

My research interests lie in the field of migration studies, covering a wide range of topics and issues, including asylum accommodation, ‘race’ and ethnicity; social security and risks; civil society and participation; place and belonging; online networks and digital communities; Brexit and EU migration. Underpinned by ethnographic and collaborative perspectives, my work is empirically driven and theoretically informed. It is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing on concepts and ideas from various fields including migration studies, human geography, anthropology and sociology. I have published my work in various peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies; Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power; Population, Space and Place; Central and Eastern European Migration Review.

The foundations for my research interests in migration were laid during my first degree in Anthropology, University College London, where I developed my understanding of migration phenomena from an ethnographic perspective. I conducted my first empirical projects on migration during my two Master's degree courses in Russian, Central and East European studies which I completed at the University of Glasgow in 2008 and 2010. These studies also shaped my knowledge in geographical theories of non-Western/post-socialist societies and language-based empirical research. My PhD thesis which I completed in 2015 at the University of Glasgow was an ethnographic study of East European migrants living in Glasgow. The study drew on anthropological (and sociological) perspectives on risks and social security to explore these migrants' negotiations of insecurities in their daily life.

I will be happy to consider research proposals and supervise students interested in pursuing postgraduate research in any of my research areas.

Current students:

Kyle Schwartz (2018- ) Disaster and everyday life: Dynamics of vulnerability and resilience among Tibetan refugees in the 2015 Nepal earthquake (with Dr Kiril Sharapov (DoS) and Prof Richard Whitecross

Abigail Cunningham, (2020-) A qualitative exploration of Scottish Pakistanis’ experiences of policing (with Dr Elizabeth Aston (DoS) and Dr Grant Jeffrey).
Research Interests - social security and risks,
- ‘race’ and ethnicity
- civil society and participation,
- transnationalism and healthcare,
- globalisation and place,
- online networks and digital communities
Teaching and Learning I am the module coordinator for the following courses:

-SSC08100 - Society Space and Place
-SSC09102 - Social and Cultural Landscape

I also contribute to the following:
-SSC07102 - Understanding Social Change