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Dr Dongyang Sun

Biography Dr. Dongyang SUN (DS) has become an academic staff in SEBE since April 2017, prior to which he has been working in an industrial funded research project in ENU and contributed to the development of a patent for the sponsor with the subject of Low Energy Method for The Preparation of Non-derivatised Nanocellulose (Patent number: 9371401).

DS was awarded his PhD degree in Materials with the subject of Deposition-Patterning of Lead Zirconate Titanate using Electrohydrodynamic Atomisation at the University of London, in which he was greatly experienced on the knowledge of EHDA processing technique. His research experience also includes a 6-month postdoctoral work, collaborating with British Petroleum, on the topic of protection layer coating of aluminium alloys, before joining Napier in 2008.

DS has obtained a lot of experience on the subject of cellulose and cellulose processing when working in the above project. His expertise includes knowledge on scanning/transmission electron microscopy, nanomaterials processing and characterisation techniques including XRD, TGA-DSC, EDXA, AFM, FTIR, UV-Vis and so on. He has also been working on the swelling behaviour of various wood species, for example using dynamic vapour sorption apparatus. He is the co-author in some publications of peer-reviewed journals in the relevant subject areas.
Research Interests Nanomaterials
Electrohydrodynamic atomisation (EHDA)
EHDA printing