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Biography I am the Co-Founder and Academic Lead for the Surf Lab, a School of Applied Sciences based partnership with Lost Shore, a £55 million pound inland wavepool development under construction in Ratho. Surf Lab is the first research facility globally, which focusses on all aspects of surfing, in areas such as performance, product design, along with the broader area of health and well being.

Academically, I completed my PhD in Biomechanics from Edith Cowan University (ECU) in my home city of Perth, Western Australia, where I also obtained my BSc in Sport & Exercise Science and MSc in Biomechanics. My research thesis was titled 'Characteristics and Determinants of Aerial Surfing with Implications for Representative Task Design'. During my time at ECU, I gained experience working alongside staff at the Australian Institute of Sport in a variety of sports, carrying out different roles, principally in biomechanical analysis of sports performance. In 2003 I joined the staff here at Edinburgh Napier University working principally as a lecturer in a range of modules and providing sports science support. In 2010, I gained a second MSc in Sports Medicine from the University of Glasgow.
Research Interests My main research interests are:
-Biomechanics of humans in flight, especially related to board sports
-Influence on scoring potential of the incorporation of aerial maneuvers in professional surfing
-The influence of dry land training techniques on surfing ability
-Movement quality associated with conditioning in sports performance and injury rehabilitation
Teaching and Learning Currently I am the module leader for a number of modules across first and third year UG programs. Modules I currently co-lead include Foundations of Sports Science and Anatomy and Physiology which are both first year UG modules which include all four programs across the Sports and Exercise Science suite. I am also the module leader for Growth Maturation and Exercise, and Assessment and Conditioning for Sports Performance, both third year modules taught across our Sports and Exercise Science, Physical Activity and Health and our Sports Coaching programmes. I am also the module leader for the Assessment and Conditioning for Sports Performance module currently running at PSB College in Singapore. I also teach on a number of other modules in child development, as well as biomechanics to our third and fourth year cohorts.

Previously, I was the module leader for Sports Injuries Management and Sports Injuries Rehabilitation. Along with a final year UG module titled Current Issues in Sports Medicine.