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Dr Richard Greenwell

Biography Richard has worked at a number of Universities in the areas of design recovery, semantics and Ontologies and has co-authored a number of papers in the area of information recovery of engineering data.
Previous scientific roles have been at the MOD, where he worked on the joint command information system used in the second gulf war. As principal software engineer at Memex he spearheaded the implementation of the first state police intelligence systems in the USA. Richard provided the ontological architecture used in the definition of the Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) used to aid NHS drug prescription, in a spin-off company from Newcastle University.
Current interests include cloud based approaches to recovery of semantic information from documents and summarization of documents.   
Richard is Managing Director of an informatics company and, is currently working on a major project with the National Archives in England, to improve search and access to their online information collections.
He is a member of IET and British Computer Society.