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Biography Dr Paul Lapok is a Researcher and member of the Centre for Algorithms, Visualisation and Evolving Systems (CAVES) which is a research group within the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University. He was awarded a PhD in the area of Artificial Intelligence - Bio-Inspired Computing focusing on ”Evolving Planar Mechanisms for the Conceptual Stage of Mechanical Design“ and holds an MSc in Computing, focused on Software Development and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering which specialised in Computer-Aided Engineering.

Paul has a strong background in the development of advanced software and systems, including desktop, mobile, web, distributed, embedded systems and sensor hardware. His expertise includes feasibility studies, technical consulting, and the development of innovative solutions.

At Edinburgh Napier University, he is involved in a wide range of research projects, ranging from the optimisation of complex schedules, development of data platforms and data analysis, amongst others in the health sector and public transport, distributed ledger applications, and AI-based systems for fraud detection and sensors applications.

In addition to his research, Paul worked in the automotive industry as a developer and designer of mechanical and mechatronic systems. He has experience in a variety of simulation techniques, including multi-body simulation, flow simulation, Finite Element Analysis, and Computer-Aided Design. He is the CEO of DOOSIS, a company that focuses on providing software solutions for business and industry in IoT Automation and Smart Environments.