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Healthcare Technology and innovation management Methods Theoretical Interpretation

Fascia, Michael



Today, the concept of technology and innovation management in healthcare is prevalent in the literature. Managers who interpret technology as a manager interpret it as a significant factor in determining the starting point for an analogous investigation. However, if we consider that technology and innovation management is considered essential to business success and competitive advantage, one may wonder why the evaluation of technology and innovation management in healthcare organizations is still considered problematic. What makes this singular focus so elusive to define and measure?

We consider the significance of technology and innovation management in a business context, we debate a metaphysical perspective that is contrary to prevailing knowledge, and this is associated with healthcare. To identify suggestions for helpful recommendations that advocate current routines and systems, we reflect on epistemic states and draw on descriptions of conditional doxastic maps that are natural extensions of parallelism between agents who believe propositions (managers) and the formal system that generates the proposition (NHS).

We propose a proposition that concerns "technology and innovation management", this proposition is based on the comparison of knowledge that is epistemically different. We believe that perspectives that are recognized, rather than implied, have a definable knowledge perspective that can be described as a specific form of technology and innovation management. This can help healthcare organizations save money and increase efficiency, productivity, and patient satisfaction.


Fascia, M. (2023, February). Healthcare Technology and innovation management Methods Theoretical Interpretation. Paper presented at 6th Equal Opportunities Conference, Ahlia University, Bahrain

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Conference Name 6th Equal Opportunities Conference
Conference Location Ahlia University, Bahrain
Start Date Feb 6, 2023
End Date Feb 8, 2023
Deposit Date Feb 6, 2023