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Post-Enlightenment: Can We Go Beyond Occidentalist Epistemologies and Geo-Politics in Queer Studies?

Kulpa, Roberto



The invited lecture reflected on the contemporary queer studies and the geo-temporal ‘unsettlement’ of Central and Eastern Europe in the occidental (and occidentalist) imaginary.

Dr Kulpa pointed to the uncanny possibilities for queer studies emerging from the Central-Eastern European position of ‘inbetweenness’ the Occident and the Orient. He reflected on the role and place of The Enlightenment and the continuation of ‘coloniality of knowledge’ (Quijano) in LGBTIQ+ activism, pondering structural limitations of this dominant paradigmatic frameworks.

The talk consequently builds towards Dr Kulpa’s body of research questioning the geo-politics of knowledge production, on which he also wrote in “Queer Politics of post-Enlightenment: Beyond the Horizon of the Present” (2021, or in “Decolonizing Queer Epistemologies” (2016,

Presentation Conference Type Presentation / Talk
Conference Name Go West! Conceptual Explorations of “The West” in History of Education
Start Date Dec 15, 2022
Deposit Date Dec 25, 2022
Keywords queer studies; critical epistemology; Post-Enlightenment; occidentalism; geo-politics; 'the west'; education
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