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Dynamic Behaviour of a Geotechnical Seismic Isolation System with Rubber-Sand Mixtures to Enhance Seismic Protection

Bernal-Sanchez, Juan; McDougall, John; Miranda-Manzanares, Marina; Barreto, Daniel


Marina Miranda-Manzanares


A Geotechnical Seismic Isolation (GSI) system is proposed in this study based on the use of Rubber-Soil mixtures (RSm) to facilitate the benefits of dynamic soil-foundation structure interaction. The latter is possible due to the lower stiffness and greater capacity to dissipate energy of RSm. However, the research done on RSm has been limited to the element scale context. In this study, the dynamic response of a modified soil foundation has been investigated by adding soft zones comprising RSm. A 1g shaking table was used to apply a sequence of sinusoidal excitations to a soil-lumped mass system. The results have shown that the rubber addition results in a reduction of the amplification at frequencies higher than the system natural frequency. This change in the dynamic response is due to the shift in the natural frequency and the dampening of the peak output accelerations. This study shows thus that an alternative design consideration with bagged soft zones, adjacent to the soil foundation, can offset the incoming disturbances and hence could protect both new and existing constructions.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (Published)
Conference Name 3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering & Seismology
Start Date Sep 4, 2022
End Date Sep 9, 2022
Acceptance Date May 1, 2022
Online Publication Date Sep 12, 2022
Publication Date Sep 12, 2022
Deposit Date Sep 12, 2022
Pages 2674-2683
Book Title Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering & Seismology
ISBN 978-973-100-533-1
Keywords vibration isolation efficacy; shaking table test; geotechnical seismic isolation system; 1g model conditions
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