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Diffusing Best Practices in IHRM: A Qualitative Case Study Analysis of a Mauritian Multinational

Aminah Hosanoo, Zuberia; Rughoobur-Seetah, Soujata; Ramrekha, Shubashni


Soujata Rughoobur-Seetah

Shubashni Ramrekha


Paresha Sinha

Parth Patel

Verma Prikshat


This chapter investigates the international human resource management (IHRM) practices of The Rogers Ltd, a Mauritian firm, using a qualitative case-based approach to understand how it has leveraged its internationalisation capabilities and its HRM potential. It reviews the extant literature to analyse the diverse views pertaining to IHRM and its importance for Emerging multinational enterprises (EMNEs), main IHRM models and frameworks and IHRM issues and challenges. The choice of entry mode is the most critical strategic decision internationalising firms undertake since different entry option entails significantly varying levels of risks, resource commitment and control. Mauritius is a mature, developing small island economy of the Sub Saharan African Region, most precisely located in the Indian Ocean. The empirical study was aimed at understanding the internationalisation process and IHRM practices of an EMNE.

Acceptance Date May 18, 2021
Publication Date 2021
Deposit Date Sep 2, 2022
Publisher Routledge
Book Title International HRM and Development in Emerging Market Multinationals
Chapter Number 16
Public URL