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Electrochemical sensors with screen printed Ag|AgCl|KCl reference electrodes

Manjakkal, Libu; Pascual, Carles Llavina; Dahiya, Ravinder


Carles Llavina Pascual

Ravinder Dahiya


This paper presents the printed thick film Ag|AgCl|KCl reference electrodes for electrochemical or biosensors application and theirelectrochemical and analytical performance. The reference electrode exhibits a stable potential against standard glass reference electrode with a potential difference of 5 mV in the deionized water. The anodic and cathodic peak current of the electrode increase with the increase in scan rate in the range of 25-150 mVs -1 . The open circuit potential response of thick film reference electrode in the NaCl concentrations range (30-100 mM) was measured and it shows a stable potential in each test solution. The fabricated reference electrode shows an excellent application for an electrochemical pH sensor.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (Published)
Conference Name 2017 IEEE SENSORS
Start Date Oct 29, 2017
End Date Nov 1, 2017
Online Publication Date Dec 25, 2017
Publication Date 2017
Deposit Date Jul 29, 2022
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Book Title 2017 IEEE SENSORS
Keywords Reference electrode, Thick film, cyclic voltammetry, potentiometric, KCl layer
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