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Energy Autonomous Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring

Manjakkal, Libu; Nikbakhtnasrabadi, Fatemeh; Dahiya, Ravinder


Fatemeh Nikbakhtnasrabadi

Ravinder Dahiya


This work is aimed to investigate conductivity and temperature of a solution by using energy autonomous thick film sensors. A RuO 2 based thick film electrode is fabricated for conductivity sensor and an interdigitated electrode with graphite sensitive electrode is used for temperature sensor. The operating range of 10-1000 μS/cm of the conductivity sensor shows its applicability in portable, tap and river water quality monitoring. The sensitivity of the temperature sensor in the range of 25-45°C is found to be 0.280/°C. For self-powered application, a hybrid integration of solar cell and flexible supercapacitor (SC) was successfully used. The performance of SC shows that at 0.5 rnA the SC can store an energy of 2μW/cm 2 with a power density of 0.05 mW/cm 2 , The charging of SC was carried out by using solar cell and the stored charge is used to operate conductivity and temperature sensors.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (Published)
Conference Name 2018 IEEE Sensors
Start Date Oct 28, 2018
End Date Oct 31, 2018
Acceptance Date Dec 27, 2018
Online Publication Date Dec 27, 2018
Publication Date 2018-10
Deposit Date Jul 29, 2022
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Keywords Water quality, Conductivity Sensors, Supercapacitor, energy autonomous System, Interdigitated electrode
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