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Evaluate equivalent-sectional shear modulus for laminated glass beams using in torsion tests and photogrammetry method

Uheida, Kal; Deng, Yu; Zhang, Hexin; Galuppi, Laura; Gao, Jiaxiang; Xie, Li; Huang, Shuge; Qin, Xuanshen; Wong, Simon H F; Guo, Jianwen; Zhang, Guangxin; Mohamed, Ahmed


Yu Deng

Laura Galuppi

Jiaxiang Gao

Li Xie

Shuge Huang

Xuanshen Qin

Simon H F Wong

Jianwen Guo

Guangxin Zhang


This paper proposes a concise concept for quantifying the shear/torsional stiffness of the laminated glass beams experimentally by introducing the Equivalent-Sectional Shear Modulus (ESSM), that is directly measured from the torque and sectional-rotation correlation with the torsion test and tailor-made photogrammetry technique. The advantage of this method is originated from the concept of measuring the overall rotation to torque response of a laminated glass beam altogether rather than the component individually. This eliminates the uncertainties of analytical approximations that are commonly adopted by most existing methods in which the composite shear/torsion stiffness is derived from its component mechanical properties. The photogrammetry technique increased the accuracy of the sectional rotation measurement by acquiring dense displacement sample points on the glass beam simultaneously. The accuracy of the photogrammetry setup and efficacy of the test design were proven by a micrometre and a monolithic glass beam test. One sample each for the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and SentryGlas Plus (SGP) laminated glass beams were tested multiple times non-destructively to determine the ESSM. The result of the SGP laminated glass beam showed a closer agreement with the previous studies, however the result of the PVB laminated glass beam exhibited a larger difference from the previous studies. It also suggested that mechanical properties of the interlayer played an important role in the composite behaviour of the laminated glass beam. The experimental outcomes have demonstrated the proposed method is an accurate and effective technique for measuring the ESSM of laminated glass beams.


Uheida, K., Deng, Y., Zhang, H., Galuppi, L., Gao, J., Xie, L., …Mohamed, A. (2021). Evaluate equivalent-sectional shear modulus for laminated glass beams using in torsion tests and photogrammetry method

Publication Date Aug 16, 2021
Deposit Date Jan 28, 2022
Publicly Available Date Jan 31, 2022
Keywords Laminated glass beam, equivalent-sectional shear modulus, Glass beam torsion test, Photogrammetry method for glass structures
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