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Optimization Analysis of Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using Homer Software for Rural Electrification in Sarawak

Hada, Nur; Nabipour-Afrouzi, Hadi; Kieh, Tiong Siing; Mehranzamir, Kamyar; Ahmed, Jubaer; Wooi, Chin-Leong


Nur Hada

Hadi Nabipour-Afrouzi

Tiong Siing Kieh

Kamyar Mehranzamir

Chin-Leong Wooi


This research focuses on the design and optimization of a hybrid renewable energy system for the generation of electricity in a rural area in Sarawak, Malaysia. The investigated system consists of the combination of Solar and Biomass energy integrated into a system. The research uses Homer software as the simulation tool. The location area in rural part in Sarawak is firstly identified and the data sets in terms of solar radiation and biomass resources are investigated and collected. Furthermore, the load demands in the location are inspected to determine the amount of power needed to be generated by the system. In addition, the sizing and modelling for the components of the hybrid system will be performed. Besides, the costs for the components needed in the system configurations are calculated. Consequently, all the data sets, load demands and costs for the components are inputted into Homer Software for the simulation. The final stage of the paper is the generation of the net present cost and acquirement of the most optimal configuration for hybrid renewable energy, whereby the Net Present Cost for residential system is at 6.18MandanimalfarmsystemacquireNetPresentCostat9.45M. The percentage difference in between theoretical and simulation total project costs for residential and animal farm system are 7.07% and 9.38% respectively.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (Published)
Conference Name 2019 International UNIMAS STEM 12th Engineering Conference (EnCon)
Start Date Aug 28, 2019
End Date Aug 29, 2019
Online Publication Date Jan 9, 2020
Publication Date 2020
Deposit Date Dec 28, 2021
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Book Title 2019 International UNIMAS STEM 12th Engineering Conference (EnCon)
Public URL