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Field-induced quantum spin disordered state in spin-1/2 honeycomb magnet Na2Co2TeO6

Lin, Gaoting; Jeong, Jaehong; Kim, Chaebin; Wang, Yao; Huang, Qing; Masuda, Takatsugu; Asai, Shinichiro; Itoh, Shinichi; G�nther, Gerrit; Russina, Margarita; Lu, Zhilun; Sheng, Jieming; Wang, Le; Wang, Jiucai; Wang, Guohua; Ren, Qingyong; Xi, Chuanying; Tong, Wei; Ling, Langsheng; Liu, Zhengxin; Wu, Liusuo; Mei, Jiawei; Qu, Zhe; Zhou, Haidong; Wang, Xiaoqun; Park, Je-Geun; Wan, Yuan; Ma, Jie


Gaoting Lin

Jaehong Jeong

Chaebin Kim

Yao Wang

Qing Huang

Takatsugu Masuda

Shinichiro Asai

Shinichi Itoh

Gerrit G�nther

Margarita Russina

Zhilun Lu

Jieming Sheng

Le Wang

Jiucai Wang

Guohua Wang

Qingyong Ren

Chuanying Xi

Wei Tong

Langsheng Ling

Zhengxin Liu

Liusuo Wu

Jiawei Mei

Zhe Qu

Haidong Zhou

Xiaoqun Wang

Je-Geun Park

Yuan Wan

Jie Ma


Spin-orbit coupled honeycomb magnets with the Kitaev interaction have received a lot of attention due to their potential of hosting exotic quantum states including quantum spin liquids. Thus far, the most studied Kitaev systems are 4d/5d-based honeycomb magnets. Recent theoretical studies predicted that 3d-based honeycomb magnets, including Na2Co2TeO6 (NCTO), could also be a potential Kitaev system. Here, we have used a combination of heat capacity, magnetization, electron spin resonance measurements alongside inelastic neutron scattering (INS) to study NCTO’s quantum magnetism, and we have found a field-induced spin disordered state in an applied magnetic field range of 7.5 T < B (⊥ b-axis) < 10.5 T. The INS spectra were also simulated to tentatively extract the exchange interactions. As a 3d-magnet with a field-induced disordered state on an effective spin-1/2 honeycomb lattice, NCTO expands the Kitaev model to 3d compounds, promoting further interests on the spin-orbital effect in quantum magnets.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Aug 18, 2021
Online Publication Date Sep 21, 2021
Publication Date 2021
Deposit Date Oct 7, 2021
Publicly Available Date Oct 7, 2021
Journal Nature Communications
Publisher Nature Publishing Group
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 12
Issue 1
Article Number 5559 (2021)
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Field-induced quantum spin disordered state in spin-1/2 honeycomb magnet Na2Co2TeO6 (2.4 Mb)

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