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Developing the concept of leaveism: From a form of presenteeism/absence to an emergent and expanding domain of work

Richards, James; Canduela, Jesus; Pustelnikovaite, Toma; Ellis, Vaughan; Saxena, Siddartha


James Richards

Jesus Canduela

Toma Pustelnikovaite

Siddartha Saxena


The purpose of the paper is to develop the emergent notion of leaveism by drawing on concepts related to work intensification (WI) and ideal worker (IW) norms. The argument driving the paper is leaveism can be developed from being associated with presenteeism and absence, to being an emergent and expanding domain of work where WI, IW norms and ICTs intersect. An Internet-based self-reporting survey (n=959), capturing quantitative and qualitative data, aimed at UK-based management and professional employees, was used to explore such conceptual proposals. The key findings include how leaveism appears informed by IW and WI norms, and facilitated by ICTs. Further findings give rise to the concerns for the sustainability of leaveism because of the impact of such practice on employee well-being. The findings help in asserting a range of theoretical and policy implications for organisations, trade unions/professional bodies and governments. A range of future research is set out, including a consideration of how leaveism is likely to have been changed in the wake of how organisations and employees have responded to the challenges and aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Conference Name International Labour Process Conference
Start Date Apr 12, 2021
End Date Apr 14, 2021
Deposit Date Jun 13, 2021
Public URL