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Police Management of Mental Health Crises in the Community: Law Enforcement and Mental Health Special Interest Group (LEMH SIG) Guideline

Kesic, Dragana; Thomas, Stuart; Bonomo, August; Bruno, Ron; Chambers, Jennifer; Dougall, Nadine; Heyman, Inga; Sinclair, Elizabeth; Watson, Amy; Young, Linda; Zoeteman, Jeroen


Dragana Kesic

Stuart Thomas

August Bonomo

Ron Bruno

Jennifer Chambers

Elizabeth Sinclair

Amy Watson

Linda Young

Jeroen Zoeteman


Overview This guideline aims to improve the outcomes of situations where police respond to people who are experiencing mental health crises in the community. This guideline focuses on: i) enhancing police responses to managing mental health crises, and ii) improving partnerships with people with lived and living experience of mental health issues and community mental health services. Although this guideline’s focus is on the police management of mental health crises, it is imperative to emphasise the need for the public MHS to: i) improve mental health promotion and early intervention to prevent and decrease the occurrence of mental health crises, ii) develop alternatives to police involvement when mental health crises do occur, and iii) enable appropriate and timely follow-up care and treatment for people who experience mental health crises in the community. Who is this guideline for? Police organisations and police officers. People experiencing mental health issues, their advocacy organisations, and their significant others. Community mental health organisations, social and welfare organisations, and their employees. Academics and NGOs interested in the intersection between policing and mental health. Local, state and federal (where relevant) government departments tasked with health promotion, prevention, early intervention, community support and treatment policy and practice. Also available here:

Report Type Research Report
Publication Date 2019
Deposit Date Feb 19, 2021
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