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Physicochemical characterisation of cellulose from perennial ryegrass leaves (Lolium perenne).

Ren, J.L.; Sun, R.C.; Fowler, P.; Liu, C.F.; Xu, F.; Sun, J.X.; Ren, S; Curling, Simon; Sun, P; Fowler, P A; Baird, M.S.


J.L. Ren

R.C. Sun

P. Fowler

C.F. Liu

J.X. Sun

S Ren

Simon Curling

P Sun

P A Fowler

M.S. Baird


In this study, we investigated the physicochemical properties of the cellulosic preparations obtained from both untreated perennial ryegrass leaves and de-juiced leaves. It was found that treatment at 22 degrees C with 18% NaOH and 18% KOH for 2h, and 10% NaOH and 10% KOH for 16 h yielded 28.2%, 28.8%, 22.7%, 23.4%, respectively, of 'cellulose' residue from untreated ryegrass leaves and 35.7%, 36.8%, 32.8% and 34.6%, respectively, from the de-juiced leaves. For each cellulosic fraction, the glucose content was 71.6%, 69.6%, 67.8%, 66.7%, 69.7%, 68.6%, 63.9% and 61.7%, respectively. The structure of the cellulose samples was examined using FTIR and CP/MAS (13)C NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. The cellulosic preparations were free of bound lignin except for noticeable amounts of residual hemicelluloses (28.4-38.3%), and had intrinsic viscosities between 275.1 and 361.0 mL/g, along with molecular weights from 144,130 to 194,930 g/mol. This study found that the cellulose samples isolated from both de-juiced ryegrass leaves and the untreated leaves had a much lower percent crystallinity (33.0-38.6%) than that from wood-based fibres (60-70%) and had much shorter fibres (0.35-0.49 mm) than those of either cereal straws, bagasse or wood. In addition, a partial disruption of the hydrogen bonds and microfibrils may occur during the de-juicing process by mechanical activity, which results in a decreased cellulose crystallinity and fibre length. These findings are significant in relation to hydrolysing ryegrass cellulose for bio-ethanol production.


Ren, J., Sun, R., Fowler, P., Liu, C., Xu, F., Sun, J., …Baird, M. (2006). Physicochemical characterisation of cellulose from perennial ryegrass leaves (Lolium perenne). Carbohydrate Research, 341(16), 2677-2687.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Aug 24, 2006
Deposit Date Jun 9, 2008
Print ISSN 0008-6215
Publisher Elsevier
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 341
Issue 16
Pages 2677-2687
Keywords physicochemical; cellulose; ryegrass leaves; bio-ethanol production;
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