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Improvement of Sound Quality by Means of Ultra-Soft Elastomer for the Gel Type Inertia Driven DML Type Transducer.

Cho, Minsung; Prokofieva, Elena; Munoz, Jordi; Barker, Mike


Minsung Cho

Jordi Munoz

Mike Barker


Unlike standard DML transducers, the gel-type inertia driven transducer (referred to as the gel transducer in this paper) designed as a mini woofer DML-type transducer, transfers its pistonic movement to a panel through the gel surround, thereby generating a transverse wave. This mechanism induces maximum movement of a magnet assembly, which boosts the force of the moving voice coil so that sound pressure level increases as the acceleration of the panel increases. This effect is proportional to sound pressure level at low and medium frequencies in the range 50Hz to 1000 Hz. Furthermore it is found that the gel surround prevents reflected transverse waves from the panel into interfering with the pistonic waves generated by the transducer. Results of the stiffness testing of the gel surround are presented together with data for the displacement and acceleration of the panel with the gel transducer attached. These data are compared to acoustical outputs.

Conference Name Audio Engineering Society Convention
Start Date May 22, 2010
End Date May 25, 2010
Publication Date 2010-05
Deposit Date Apr 24, 2014
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Keywords DML transducers; gel-type inertia driven transducer; loudspeakers; headphones; sound pressure; accoustics;
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