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A grounded theory approach to explore how women with Type 1 diabetes manage their diabetes during the menopausal transition

Mackay, Liz


Liz Mackay


To explore the experiences of women with Type 1 diabetes during the menopausal transition using a grounded theory approach and, from the data, develop a substantive theory that will have potential implications for service users and service providers.
A qualitative exploratory research framework was employed using grounded theory as an approach. Data were collected from 10 participants using transcribed audio-taped semi-structured interviews and field notes. The transcripts, audio recordings and field notes were reviewed and a coding process facilitated data analysis.
A wide range of conceptions was revealed. Data are presented in seven categories that reflect the experience of the menopausal transition for women with Type 1 diabetes: ‘Blank wall’ (relates to the lack of information regarding menopause and diabetes), ‘Juggling game’ (relates to glycaemic control), Anxiety and fear, Self-management, ‘Haywire’ (relates to the signs and symptoms of menopausal transition), Treating symptoms, Depression and mood, ‘I’m old’ (relates to aging and mortality).
What emerged from the study is a substantive theory in which absence of information regarding the menopause and its impact on Type 1 diabetes (blank wall) was identified as the main problem facing women with Type 1 diabetes during their menopausal transition. The findings may enable practitioners to identify the types of information, advice and support that should be made available to these women and contributes to the limited knowledge base currently available. The findings indicate also that further research into this under-studied but important area of diabetes care is required.

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Oct 18, 2012
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords Type 1 diabetes; menopause; women;
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Contract Date Oct 18, 2012
Award Date 2012


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