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Towards OWL 2 Natively Supported Fuzzy Cloud Ontology

Fang, Daren; Liu, Xiaodong; Romdhani, Imed; Zhao, Huiqun


Daren Fang

Huiqun Zhao


Cloud Computing introduces a revolutionary paradigm of computing to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), by provisioning various types of computational resources and applications as on-demand services. While presenting cloud services semantically using Web Ontology Language (OWL) based techniques, we experience a series of difficulties due to the vagueness of the novel cloud computing specifications, concepts, meanings, etc. Fuzzy extension of OWL 2 has been a widely discussed topic. In this paper, we present a different solution by considering three new OWL 2 based fuzzy scenarios: subsumption, restriction and axiom value fuzziness. With proper use of OWL 2 updates, a series of unique and categorized weight datatype domains are developed to present the above fuzziness. Our approach does not introduce new syntax, nor is it relying on OWL 2 annotations. Therefore, there will not be inconsistency or incompatibility incurred. In the experiment of fuzzy cloud service ontology, the approach proves to be effortless and successful, where simple reasoning and queries can be effectively handled by all OWL 2 compatible Description Logic (DL) reasoners.

Conference Name 2012 IEEE 36th Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference Workshops
Start Date Jul 16, 2012
End Date Jul 20, 2012
Publication Date Nov 12, 2012
Deposit Date Jun 26, 2012
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Pages 328-333
Book Title 6th IEEE International Workshop Quality-Oriented Reuse of Software (IEEE QUORS’12)
ISBN 9781467327145; 9780769547589
Keywords Cloud computing; Description Logic; OWL; SOA; fuzzy logic; semantic web;
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