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Radical and Incremental Innovation Effectiveness in Relation to Market Orientation in the Retail Industry: Triggers, Drivers, and Supporters

Lewrick, Michael; Omar, Maktoba; Williams Jr., Robert; Tjandra, Nathalia C.; Lee, Zui-Chih


Michael Lewrick

Maktoba Omar

Robert Williams Jr.

Zui-Chih Lee


Eleonora Pantano


The retail industry market environment is very competitive; thus, in order to maintain their competitive advantage retailers are required to continuously come up with innovative offerings and systems. This chapter aims to provide useful insights for the retailers regarding the correlation between market orientation and innovation. The chapter illustrates the differences in start-up and mature companies, and reveals new insights with regard to market orientation and its constituent elements, and its relationship with both incremental and radical innovations. Readers learn that strong competitor orientation, a key ingredient of market orientation, has a positive relationship to incremental innovation for start-up companies, but it is counterproductive for mature companies, where a strong customer orientation is associated with radical innovation. The focus is to understand the dynamics of the entrepreneur versus manager during the transition process as a company grows.

Publication Date 2015-04
Deposit Date Apr 13, 2015
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Pages 239-268
Series Title Advances in e-business research series
Series ISSN 1935-2700
Book Title Successful Technological Integration for Competitive Advantage in Retail Settings
ISBN 9781466682979
Keywords Retail industry; marketing; market orientation; competitor orientation; start-up companies; entrepreneur; managers;
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