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Hoop Diagrams: A Set Visualization Method

Rodgers, Peter; Chapman, Peter; Blake, Andrew; Nollenburg, Martin; Wallinger, Markus; Dobler, Alexander


Peter Rodgers

Andrew Blake

Martin Nollenburg

Markus Wallinger

Alexander Dobler


We introduce Hoop Diagrams, a new visualization technique for set data. Hoop Diagrams are a circular visualization with hoops representing sets and sectors representing set intersections. We present an interactive tool for drawing Hoop Diagrams and describe a user study comparing them with Linear Diagrams. The results show only small differences, with users answering questions more quickly with Linear Diagrams, but answering some questions more accurately with Hoop Diagrams. Interaction data indicates that those using set order and intersection highlighting were more successful at answering questions, but those who used other interactions had a slower response. The similarity in usability suggests that the diagram type should be chosen based on the presentation method. Linear Diagrams increase in the horizontal direction with the number of intersections, leading to difficulties fitting on a screen. Hoop Diagrams always have a square aspect ratio.


Rodgers, P., Chapman, P., Blake, A., Nollenburg, M., Wallinger, M., & Dobler, A. (2024, September). Hoop Diagrams: A Set Visualization Method. Presented at 14th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams, Munster, Germany

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (published)
Conference Name 14th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams
Start Date Sep 27, 2024
End Date Oct 1, 2024
Acceptance Date Jun 16, 2024
Deposit Date Jun 21, 2024
Publisher Springer
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Series Title Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
Keywords Hoop Diagrams; Linear Diagrams; Set Visualization
Publisher URL

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