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Assessment of the safety and efficacy of Guanidinoacetic acid (Creamino®) as a feed additive for all animal species

Morrison, Donald



An application was submitted to the Food Standards Agency in May 2021 from AlzChem Trostberg GmbH (“the applicant”) for the new use authorisation of an additive guanidinoacetic acid (Creamino®), under the category of ‘nutritional additives” and functional group “amino acids, their salts, and analogues”. The additive is proposed to be used in all animal species with a proposed level of inclusion in feed of 1.2 kg/ 1,000 kg (0.12 %) of complete feedingstuffs with a moisture content of 12%.
The Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs (ACAF) was asked to review the dossier and the supplementary information submitted by the Applicant, and to advise the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland (FSA/FSS) in evaluating the dossier.

The FSA/FSS concluded, based on the ACAF’s advice, that the additive was correctly identified and characterised. No causes for concern were raised in this section of the dossier.
The additive can be considered safe for target species, consumers, and the environment. The additive is not irritant to eyes or skin and is not a dermal sensitiser or toxic through inhalation. It is advised that appropriate dusk masks are worn when handling the additive, due to its high dusting potential. No additional safety risks are to be expected if the additive were to be categorised as a “zootechnical additive”.

The additive can be considered efficacious for growing pigs and poultry. No conclusion could be reached on efficacy for the other target species requested.

The views of ACAF have been taken into account in this safety assessment which represents the opinion of the FSA/FSS.

Report Type Technical Report
Online Publication Date Mar 28, 2024
Publication Date 2024
Deposit Date Apr 9, 2024
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