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Into the Planthroposcene - together with the photosynthetic ones

Carabelli, Giulia; Maclean, Gavin


Giulia Carabelli


How present are plants in your life? Do you notice them, or consider them part of the background? This video explores the relationships we have with the photosynthetic ones - those beings thanks to whom we can breathe, and thus be alive. By learning to listen to the vegetal world, the Planthroposcene pushes us to explore other ways of being human and thus disrupt colonial and anthropocentric understandings of what plants are.

Digital Artefact Type Video
Online Publication Date Mar 15, 2023
Publication Date Mar 15, 2023
Deposit Date Mar 28, 2023
Keywords Planthroposcene, care for plants, critical plant studies, house plants, covid-19, anthropocene
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