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Small data and big data controversies and alternatives

Bonneau, Claudine; Gruzd, Anatoliy; Hand, Martin; Latzo-Toth, Guillaume; Millette, Mélanie; Quan-Haase, Anabel; Pennington, Diane; Sloan, Luke; Vatrapu, Ravi; Zeller, Frauke


Claudine Bonneau

Anatoliy Gruzd

Martin Hand

Guillaume Latzo-Toth

Mélanie Millette

Anabel Quan-Haase

Luke Sloan

Ravi Vatrapu

Frauke Zeller


The workshop will provide an overview of critical themes to be covered in the Sage Handbook of Social Media Research Methods to be published in 2016. The Handbook is the first book to cover not only the entire research process in social media research from question formulation to the interpretation of research findings, but also to include specific chapters and examples on how data collection and analysis takes place on specific social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Presentation Conference Type Other
Conference Name International Conference on Social Media & Society (SMSociety)
Start Date Jul 11, 2016
End Date Jul 13, 2016
Deposit Date Feb 6, 2023
Keywords big data; small data; data analytics
Publisher URL