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Press Release. EU Funded Project "Fostering Queer Feminist Intersectional Resistances against Transnational Anti-Gender Politics (RESIST)" Launches

Boulila, Stefanie; Browne, Kath; Chauvin, Sebastien; Filep, Katya; Blidon, Marianne; Zarate, Maria; Akyuz, Lati; Titley, Gavan; Carastathis, Anna; Kulpa, Robert


Stefanie Boulila

Kath Browne

Sebastien Chauvin

Katya Filep

Marianne Blidon

Maria Zarate

Lati Akyuz

Gavan Titley

Anna Carastathis


Anti-gender politics pose a grave threat to modern democratic formations because they challenge people's everyday survival, bodily integrity, and self-determination. Anti-gender spans the political spectrum and manifests not only in illiberal and authoritarian regimes but also in democracies that are considered liberal and inclusive. Taking a transnational and intersectional approach, RESIST analyses anti-gender formations in their complexity and contradictions and explores the effects of anti-gender politics on the everyday lives of those vulnerable to it and on democracies on the whole. RESIST engages with heterogeneous manifestations of anti-gender across the EU, Europe, and beyond through eight national case studies (Belarus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Switzerland) and a transnational case study of people living in exile as a result of anti-gender persecution. RESIST pursues a mixed methods approach to analyse the production and circulation of gender-equality repressive strategies and discourses and their effects on lived experiences and resistances. RESIST innovates methodologically to engender democracy by fostering collaboration between academia and civil society organisations (CSOs), especially amongst people who come to be targets of anti-gender, including women and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI+) persons. If those social groups whose fundamental rights are most at risk of violation by anti-gender are empowered to resist, then entire democratic societies benefit. RESIST centres feminist agency and collaborative knowledge production in (a) the research contents and results, (b) the methodological design, and (c) the social impact by generating new responsive feminist theories and practical solutions. At a time of increasing political disillusionment, RESIST creates hopeful, imaginative futures, transformative theories, and more inclusive worlds.


Boulila, S., Browne, K., Chauvin, S., Filep, K., Blidon, M., Zarate, M., Akyuz, L., Titley, G., Carastathis, A., & Kulpa, R. (2022). Press Release. EU Funded Project "Fostering Queer Feminist Intersectional Resistances against Transnational Anti-Gender Politics (RESIST)" Launches. Dublin

Other Type Other
Online Publication Date Oct 20, 2022
Publication Date Oct 20, 2022
Deposit Date Feb 15, 2023
Publicly Available Date Feb 15, 2023
Keywords resist, queer, feminism, intersectionality, anti-racism, anti-gender,
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Press Release. EU Funded Project "Fostering Queer Feminist Intersectional Resistances Against Transnational Anti-Gender Politics (RESIST)" Launches (247 Kb)

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