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The Cost Perspective of Password Security

Maglaras, Leandros; Janicke, Helge; Ferrag, Mohamed Amine


Helge Janicke

Mohamed Amine Ferrag


Brij B. Gupta

Deepak Gupta


This study technically analyses the maximum number of combinations for common passwords up to 12 characters long. A maximum storage size necessary for the creation of a data base that holds all possible passwords up to 12 characters is also presented along with a comparison against the publicized cost of storage from popular cloud storage providers and the national budget for intelligence and defense activities of a nation. Authors prove that it is technically possible that any password could be computed within seconds with nothing more than currently commercially available components. The study concludes that it is possible that nation states or even combined nation states working in collaboration could or already have bought private citizens' and businesses' passwords revealing that it may already be an age where the password may not be a legitimate defense for privacy anymore.

Publication Date 2020
Deposit Date Dec 13, 2022
Publisher IGI Global
Pages 319-330
Book Title Handbook of Research on Multimedia Cyber Security
ISBN 9781799827016
Public URL