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WazzUp Mama?! The development of an intervention to prevent and reduce maternal distress during pregnancy

Kuipers, Yvonne



Intervention Mapping was used as a framework to develop a midwife-led intervention to prevent or reduce maternal distress during pregnancy. An extensive needs assessment showed that both pregnant women and midwives needed to be taught to recognise the vulnerability for developing maternal distress during pregnancy and how to identify maternal distress when it occurs. In addition to these mutual learning needs, women needed to learn to disclose their problems, how to handle maternal distress in their daily lives, and the value of seeking help when necessary. Midwives needed to prepare themselves to provide (collaborative) care for maternal distress. Screening and psycho-education were pathways to support self-disclosure, self-management, mobilizing support and treatment of maternal distress. Theory-based methods - such as tailoring, communicative support, individualization, advance organisers, cultural similarity, consciousness raising, elaboration, and cue altering - were built into a web-based tailored program for women. Information processing, intergroup dialogue training, verbal persuasion, providing cues, facilitation of means, and structural organization were the theory-based methods that were built into a training program and a toolbox for the midwifedelivered program. The program was introduced by means of the training given to midwives from 17 midwife-led practices in the Netherlands and proved to be effective. Finally, process and effect evaluations showed a moderate significant positive effect of WazzUp Mama on the scores of maternal distress.

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date May 12, 2022
Keywords maternal distress, intervention mapping
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Additional Information ISBN 978-90-9029538-1
Award Date Mar 3, 2016