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A Survey on the Role of Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT in Disaster Management

Adeel, Ahsan; Gogate, Mandar; Farooq, Saadullah; Ieracitano, Cosimo; Dashtipour, Kia; Larijani, Hadi; Hussain, Amir


Ahsan Adeel

Saadullah Farooq

Cosimo Ieracitano

Hadi Larijani


Tariq S. Durrani

Wei Wang

Sheila M. Forbes


Extreme events and disasters resulting from climate change or other ecological factors are difficult to predict and manage. Current limitations of state-of-the-art approaches to disaster prediction and management could be addressed by adopting new unorthodox risk assessment and management strategies. The next generation Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), 5G wireless communication, and big data analytics technologies are the key enablers for future effective disaster management infrastructures. In this chapter, we commissioned a survey on emerging wireless communication technologies with potential for enhancing disaster prediction, monitoring, and management systems. Challenges, opportunities, and future research trends are highlighted to provide some insight on the potential future work for researchers in this field.

Online Publication Date Aug 10, 2018
Publication Date 2019
Deposit Date Apr 27, 2022
Publisher Springer
Pages 57-66
Book Title Geological Disaster Monitoring Based on Sensor Networks
ISBN 978-981-13-0991-5
Keywords Disaster management, Internet of things, Wireless sensor networks, 5G wireless communication, Big data analytics
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