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Ethical Discourse in Finance: Interdisciplinary and Diverse Perspectives


Marizah Minhat

Nazam Dzolkarnaini


Ethical discourse is commonly not a priority in a conventional finance syllabus. Moral sentiments often take a back seat to market sentiments, even in shaping the direction of ethical finance business. This anomaly persists despite growing interest in ethical finance. Taking an interdisciplinary and diverse perspective, this book enriches the evolving definition and scope of ethical finance literature by focusing on actors, products and regulation that shape markets. Considering the gap between theory and practice, this book bridges academic and professional knowledge in unpacking ethical and governance issues in the financial industry. In an effort to include as many viewpoints as possible, regardless of popularity or who holds them, the book editors gathered thoughts from diverse fields, including accounting, economics, ethics, finance, governance, law, management, philosophy and religion. Appealing to academic and non-academic stakeholders with an interest in ethics and finance, this book is the result of and a testament to a distinct educational and public engagement project that included different generations and communities, for future reference.

Book Type Edited Book
Online Publication Date Oct 26, 2021
Publication Date Oct 26, 2021
Deposit Date Oct 26, 2021
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Title Palgrave Studies in Impact Finance
Series ISSN 2662-5105
ISBN 978-3-030-81595-0
Keywords Adam Smith; Ethical Finance; Financial Ethics; Interdisciplinary Ethical Discourse; Religious and Philosophical Perspectives in Finance; Diverse Perspectives on Ethical Discourse; Islamic Finance
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